Mini-Weekend Roadtrip

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday's are the new Monday's for me, does anyone else feel that way? I had a 3-day weekend this past week and it was great! It's just a bit of a downer coming back to schoolwork and responsibilities :( I had the chance to do a bit of traveling though, which I was very grateful and excited for. I went to Savannah, Georgia which is about 4 hours from where I go to school. I had been wanting to go to Savannah for a while now because I've heard it has great places to eat, drink, dine and just walk around in general. Plus, the city is historically rich and full of stories so I couldn't wait to see the past/present mixed together. When my friend's birthday came around and she asked me if I wanted to come I could not resist!

I will post some pictures down below of what I did and saw, oh and what I ate, because I had some really amazing food. I only stayed for a night in Savannah, but I really liked it! I find myself relating a lot of cities to New Orleans (I went there last summer), so I would say that Savannah is a more toned down version of Nola. There is definitely night life because of the universities surrounding the city, but it's not quite as rambunctious. The port area where the market was situated, was not like New Orleans at all though. The architecture and the cobble stones really set it apart, as well as it's wide streets and foliage everywhere. Without further ado, my mini-weekend roadtrip! 

My friend's dog joined us for the ride, so I had to take a funny selfie with him :P
This picture does not do justice how beautiful the sunset was on our way to Savannah 
Went to a restaurant called Anna's and got this sausage and pepper sandwich- SO GOOD!
For breakfast the next day we went to The Original Pancake House and I got the Western Omelet- that thing was huge! 
Overlooking the dock, it was a beautiful day!
An old cotton exchange factory near the dock
On the dock you can see the bridge and all the boats passing by
Here are the cobble stones and on the right there is a really yummy candy store
More cobble stone flooring- harder than it looks like to walk on this!
This is no lie. Walking up and down some of those stairs was ridiculous and kind of scary.
I can't stress how nice the weather was that day
We crossed over to South Carolina really quick-also there should be a major clean up around the sign
I love cities where you can walk around and sight see (meaning where you don't have to drive a lot) and you can definitely do that in Savannah. I wish I could have stayed longer but I can't wait to go back in the future! What did you do for the long weekend? Let me know if you'v been to Savannah or any other places in Georgia I should check out! 

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