About Me

hey there, i'm Alex. i'm a 23 year-old recent university graduate with a degree in English Literature. i'm currently living in good ole' south Florida, where the humidity is your worst enemy, and in effect, so is your hair. i was born in Venezuela, entonces, si, hablo espaƱol! 

i've been blogging since 2011 and created "allalexreads" in 2014 while i was away at school. while i was at university, i had less time to read at my leisure and thus when i did have free time to do so, i reverted to blogging to write down all my thoughts and ramblings- which i do a lot of, ramble and write.

welcome to what's on my mind, or better yet, what i can manage to publish and post on the interweb. i don't have it all figured out (i'm only in my 20's!), but i'm trying.

some pictures that i would like to think are small representations of me: 

you can find me at:

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