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Friday, November 27, 2015

i'm going to be a bit late in the day for posting this, but technically it will still count. must get better at posting!

for today's Blogger Positivity Campaign, hosted by the lovely Jillian at Jillian's Books, you are supposed to write a letter to a) a fictional character, b) an author, c) your favorite ship or OTP (“One True Pairing”), or d) your favorite book that has HELPED or INSPIRED YOU as a reader. so, without further ado...

dear JK Rowling,

i remember when i was introduced to you. i was in second grade, getting the hang of how to speak English. for reading time, my teacher would make us gather around and listen to her read out loud Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. i would sit there, with my legs criss-crossed over one another, hands in my lap, eagerly looking up at my teacher and imagining the world she was reading about. it sounded amazing. harry, a tiny baby parcel, showing up on his aunt and uncle's doorstep, only to be then shipped away to a magical school.

i wanted to go there. to hogwarts. to the land of magic and wonder. where you had to run past a brick wall, board a train, set sail on a boat in the middle of the night to reach a magnificent castle. not just any castle, your school. i had traveled very far too, but the United States didn't seem as magical to me. but with my teacher and Harry, i could visit and be transported everyday to hogwarts.

my second grade teacher was the one that opened the door to Harry and essentially you, JK Rowling. i knew i had to keep reading. i had to find out what happened. i was that small, scrawny girl racing to her library searching for the Sorcerer's Stone and then the Chamber of Secrets, until some kind stranger gifted my first hardcover book- the Prisoner of Azkaban. i became that small child with a pile of books at her local library that didn't just include you anymore, but so many other wonderful authors. 

my first recollection of loving books as much as i do started with you- with your story of the boy who survived. and guess what? i survived too. English became easier for me to understand and speak. i was fluently speaking it by the end of that year. i finished second grade and went on to third and fourth, and eventually finished elementary school in the blink of an eye. now i'm 23 years old, a recent grad with her Bachelor's degree.

for so many people out there you and Harry are household favorites, adored figures in the world of fiction. for me, you were the one that ignited literature and helped remind me that imagination should never die. magic is all around you. 

thanks for helping out then and ever since then.


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  1. I will forever be grateful for J.K. Rowling as well! She inspired me to continue writing when I first read her backstory. Rowling was rejected by 12 publishers when she submitted HP back in the 90s, and I looked at it as an inspirational message that we shouldn't just give up. There will always be a given chance to us at the right time :) Super happy you loved HP as well! And kudos to your teacher for reading the books to you! <3 Amazing!

    1. yes, and she was also in a very difficult rough patch in her life, down on luck and money when she began harry potter! you're right- never give up :)

  2. I stilll want to go to Hogwarts!! Why has my letter not arrived yet... J.K. Rowling is such an inspiring author and it's amazing how she has changed the life of so many people through what she wrote. It's so nice to read about it!

    1. haha i've been waiting for my letter all these years too! :( i think it's incredible that JK Rowling could have that affect on such a multitude of people, it's crazy but it's crazy wonderful



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