hello, it's me

Monday, November 09, 2015

in all actuality, hello, we meet again- almost one year later? time is weird, it goes by so quickly, more quickly than we realize. i've been trying to make the most out of my days because of this fact. i want to enjoy the little things but also make sure that i've made the most out of each day i'm given. i was about to let this blog go but there was something that pulled me back. 

maybe it was all my lengthy reviews or the genuine enjoyment i felt at keeping up with this, but when i looked back i knew i couldn't close it. there was too much writing and work that i put into this. during my last year of college, reading for enjoyment and writing everything down was nice. i know, what a great way of explaining my feelings. but that's what it was. when you're in school you're constantly running around, stressing over papers, projects, quizzes, mid-terms, research, life. school has its own beauty but it's also a conundrum of anxiety and stress. when you get home the real work is beginning, which is reviewing and studying for the next day or week ahead of you.

adult life is surprisingly a bit less panic and a bit more go, go, go. and when you're not running around trying to chase the hours after 5PM, you're trying to relax and figure out what to do with your spare time; should you pick up a book? bake? cook something new? scrounge the sales rack at the mall? pick up a new hobby? it's all very strange- how we get caught up in each new phase of our life, trying to figure out the direction to take as we go.

so i want to continue on "all alex reads." i want to jot things down, make over my blog and look back at my posts, seeing my progress over the years. also, connect with some more of you out there. 

now back to the title at hand. let's not lie to ourselves, this is a judge free zone- how many times a day do you repeat Hello by Adele? i have to admit that i'm guilty of more than 3 times a day. hope everyone's off to a good week! 
- alex

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