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letter to jk rowling

Friday, November 27, 2015

i'm going to be a bit late in the day for posting this, but technically it will still count. must get better at posting!

for today's Blogger Positivity Campaign, hosted by the lovely Jillian at Jillian's Books, you are supposed to write a letter to a) a fictional character, b) an author, c) your favorite ship or OTP (“One True Pairing”), or d) your favorite book that has HELPED or INSPIRED YOU as a reader. so, without further ado...

blogger positivity campaign

blogger positivity campaign: intro + something i wish i did more of

Monday, November 23, 2015

i am horrible. i just went through my e-mails since i was away last week and realized i missed not one, but two, events for the Blogger Positivity Campaign hosted by Jillian from Jillian's Books. i need to set myself a schedule and become more consistent. endless apologies. but here is a cheeky 2 in 1 post, making up the past 2 blog posts i missed for the campaign (as well, as the other post i published today).

The Blogger Positvity Campaign


  • Introduce yourself and your blog
hi there, I'm Alexandra, but I go by Alex. my blog was created during my senior year in college. i had a long hiatus for a while but i want to continue to post on here and write about what i'm reading, as well as life events that are occurring. 

  • Where do you blog from?

i blog from good ole' South Florida. the most humid and swamp-like state of the U-S-A.

  • Who or what made you the reader you are today?
i would like to say that i come from a big literary-inclined family, but the truth is i ride solo when it comes to reading in my household. i would say immigrating to America made me the reader i am today. English is not my first language, but my second. when i arrived here i was not fluent in English and had a bit of trouble acclimating to school. reading helped me excel academically and truly learn the language. it made me feel safe and allowed me to find a home in my school's library and all the books it offered. since then i have been a lifelong bookworm.

  • Who or what made you decide to create a book blog?
i started this book blog during my senior year in college. it was a great way for me to freely write about what i wanted; less school-related papers and more about trips or books i was able to go on and read during the weekends. looking back at my earlier posts, i realize they are a bit lengthy but it reminds me of all the thought and effort i put into them once i had finished reading something.

  • What are your thoughts on the blogosphere today?
i can't say i have a lot of thoughts on the blogosphere today. this blog was more of a platform for me to get all my thoughts down. i didn't have much time in the beginning to interact with others and can still say i am a bit of a noob at it. but i think blogging is great once you get the hang of it and become consistent. it's great to have the chance to engage with others who might live across the ocean from you but share the same interests.

  • 5 random facts about you?
alright, here we go.

  1. i am obsessed with my dogs. they are both maltese and are big, fluffy white balls of fur 
  2. i hate the cold if it's coming from an air-conditioned source. but i love the natural cold- the way the temperature drops and scarves and boots come out, the way the leaves change and how long drives become more enjoyable with a cool breeze blowing through
  3. staying in on friday night's with a book and pizza is paradise
  4. i prefer checking books out from the library than buying them
  5. i was born in Venezuela 

  • 5 favorite books you've read and loved?
so hard, but randomly choosing from my Goodreads favorites:

  1. Beloved by Toni Morrison
  2. Shadowfell by Juliet Marillier
  3. Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs
  4. I Was Here by Gayle Forman
  5. 1984 by George Orwell 

  • 5 favorite book bloggers! 
for this one i wish i could add more info, but i want to be honest with my answers. i don't really follow many book bloggers yet. i watch a lot of BookTube videos though. this year (like last year) i am making a resolution to get out more on the book blogging community! 

Something I Wish I Did More of in the Book Blogging Community

this post is a bit of a freebie for the Blogger Positivity Campaign. seeing as i already mentioned that i am not too active on the book blogging community, the only thing that really springs to mind for this post is "i wish I was more active." i need to change my layout a bit and make it more interactive, as well as become more consistent with when i post. i also need to get out there and leave comments, follow people and explore other's book blogs. i tend to do things a little bit differently and out of order, so all of this is not surprising to me. but with a little scheduling and planning i'm sure it can be accomplished.

if anyone has any tips or tricks on blogging interaction and getting more exposure, let me know down below!

book review

illuminae on a monday morning

Monday, November 23, 2015

two weeks ago I finished reading Illuminae by Amie Kaufamn and Jay Kristoff. at the time i didn't have a chance to go back and write a review about it. kind of a bummer. i thought that's ok. then this morning i went on Twitter only to discover some pretty surprising news: Illuminae is getting picked up by Warner Bros. and Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment group. 

so yes, casually putting it out there, Illuminae, published back in October of this year, will be adapted by none other than Brad Pitt. to be honest, i thought this was a little random. personally, i had no idea that Brad Pitt even had an "entertainment group" or that he was interested in young adult storylines. not that Illuminae, isn't a spectacular book or anything, but that was pretty quick...and once again, Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt. (how many times have I written Brad Pitt so far you ask? 5, not including the one in this question).

if you haven't heard the buzz surrounding Illuminae...WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! just kidding. don't fret, i'm not one to inherently keep up with trends. yes, i do know which books are being hyped up and getting on the New York Times Best Selling list, but that doesn't mean i jump on board with them. i'm one of those people who waits until the buzz fades away so i can then make up my own opinions, without being swayed too much by the masses.

this has worked out great for me. why?

  1. i usually don't buy books- i like to rent books out from my local libraries. 
  2. i can stick to reading what i'm in the mood for without feeling pressured to pick up everything else is reading
reading that last sentence over i feel like such a snob, but it's nice to go against the flow every once in a while. staying as objective and truthful as you can is big in my book. do what you feel is right, always. stay weird and different, always.

to give a quick synopsis of Illuminae: it follows 2 main protagonists, Kady and Ezra, who are casually attending class at their high school in the beginning of the book, when the planet they live on is attacked. the novel takes place in 2575 where 2 corporations are trying to gain dominance in the galactic world. Kady and Ezra are not only classmates but romantically involved (at the tender age of 17- because this is a Young Adult novel), something that is on rocky waters when all hell decides to break loose on their planet. the become separated, stationed in two different ships, but manage to keep in contact through e-mails and text messages.

these various messages and memos are what make Illuminae so distinct. the writing format isn't compromised of your typical block paragraph, chapter by chapter synopsis. it is literally e-mails and computer hacking that Kady and Ezra engage in, trying not only to get in contact with one another, but figure out what is truly going on and why their home planet was attacked.

Illuminae is one of those science-fiction stories that will grip you right into the world and pull you in headfirst. the way it's designed and formatted is unique but the writing is all there, adding even more to the characters and world building. it's beautiful, especially a certain section in the middle where it's poetic and choppy on purpose. it's action-packed. you will be following along reading the messages that are exchanged anxiously waiting to see what happens. there is an AI you need to be aware of and romance that manages to surpass an interplanetary war.

basically, go pick it up. please. if you couldn't already guess, I gave Illuminae 5 stars on Goodreads.

let me know if you've read this or are planning on it- happy monday!


peace for paris

Friday, November 13, 2015

Peace for Paris sign

when i got home from work today the only thing i wanted to do was lie down and mindlessly scroll through my phone. my mom was going on about watching the news and seeing what was happening in Paris but i didn't pay her any attention.

the entire afternoon passed. we went out, ran some errands, went to the mall, and finally as i was in the backseat of the car i decided to ask, "what's going on in Paris?" it's moments like these where i reflect back on what i was thinking at the time, what i was doing, who i was with, what my train of thought was...

my mindset the entire day was "i can't wait to run home and lie down." once i had fulfilled that i then began thinking about the materialistic things i wanted to look at and buy- superficial enjoyment. when i pulled up the ny times and began reading, my heart dropped. this is what i kept putting off, what i nonchalantly shrugged off.

more than 100 people have been reported dead at this hour. more than 4 locations were used as prime vantage points of attack. paris, i am praying for you. social media has advanced so rapidly over the years that we now have the advantage of connecting with people all over the world to send an S.O.S. in these crises, to provide comfort and show that we too care. you are not alone.

i feel useless and redundant asking the question people always seem to come back to during these horrific acts: "why did this happen?" there is no one answer. i'm not sure even those behind the crime would be able to sufficiently explain their reasoning. just as we can not answer, when will this end? when will the hate be gone? we can only try to put love, understanding and compassion first.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Martin Luther King Jr. 

technology is not only at our disposal for entertainment but for awareness. tonight you are in my prayers Paris. i pray for the victims, the affected families, the bystanders, the unaware tourists, the children, humanity.
- alex 


hello, it's me

Monday, November 09, 2015

in all actuality, hello, we meet again- almost one year later? time is weird, it goes by so quickly, more quickly than we realize. i've been trying to make the most out of my days because of this fact. i want to enjoy the little things but also make sure that i've made the most out of each day i'm given. i was about to let this blog go but there was something that pulled me back. 

maybe it was all my lengthy reviews or the genuine enjoyment i felt at keeping up with this, but when i looked back i knew i couldn't close it. there was too much writing and work that i put into this. during my last year of college, reading for enjoyment and writing everything down was nice. i know, what a great way of explaining my feelings. but that's what it was. when you're in school you're constantly running around, stressing over papers, projects, quizzes, mid-terms, research, life. school has its own beauty but it's also a conundrum of anxiety and stress. when you get home the real work is beginning, which is reviewing and studying for the next day or week ahead of you.

adult life is surprisingly a bit less panic and a bit more go, go, go. and when you're not running around trying to chase the hours after 5PM, you're trying to relax and figure out what to do with your spare time; should you pick up a book? bake? cook something new? scrounge the sales rack at the mall? pick up a new hobby? it's all very strange- how we get caught up in each new phase of our life, trying to figure out the direction to take as we go.

so i want to continue on "all alex reads." i want to jot things down, make over my blog and look back at my posts, seeing my progress over the years. also, connect with some more of you out there. 

now back to the title at hand. let's not lie to ourselves, this is a judge free zone- how many times a day do you repeat Hello by Adele? i have to admit that i'm guilty of more than 3 times a day. hope everyone's off to a good week! 
- alex


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