Vampire Academy Series Review

Sunday, November 30, 2014

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I hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving or has spent the past week relaxing and catching up! I have finally made it home, but alas only for a week, as I left to school today. Good thing is that I now only have 2 more weeks left of school. Bad thing is that I have SO many things to study for and do before school is out. Finals suck. But I did get a lot of reading done while I've been on this mini-break and I managed to finish a series. This is one that I haven't posted any reviews on but have mentioned on my BookTube channel! I didn't write about it on here because I was going through the books so fast, but now that I'm (unfortunately) done with them I'm going to do a wrap-up on my overall feels. This one is going to be a bit different than the Sweet Trilogy Review I did because there are too many books in the series and I think it will be too long of a post to read. Without further ado, the Vampire Academy Series!

When I first started this series I had my reservations. Mostly because I had seen the movie beforehand (oops) and I thought it sucked (sorry, not sorry). It was so cheesy. Then when I read the first book in the series it followed the same plot as the movie and since I already knew what was going to happen, nothing was a big surprise for me. I found that it was very juvenile and the main "drama" surrounding it was based on high school gossip. But I forged ahead because people said it got better. I'm so glad that I did because I sped through those books like none other! It's a great paranormal, romance book to get into because there's love, friendship and lot's of action! Even though there's 6 books in the series I promise that it doesn't seem like enough when you get to the very end :( I will definitely miss Rose, Lissa, Dimitri, Christian, Sydney, Adrian, gah...all of the characters!

Since there are so many books I'm going to go into spoilers about what I loved and didn't love, so
*WARNING: Spoilers ahead, if you have not read the book do not read on!

  • Dimitri and Rose. Ugh such a struggle. I always knew they were meant to be and when they were apart, because of the whole Strigoi mess, it broke my heart. They're what kept me going through the books because I mean Dimitri...duster...dashing good looks...shattered soul...what more can you ask for?
  • Adrian. His situation was so frustrating. I loved him and his sarcasm, but I wish he would have moved on from Rose knowing that she was only going to break his heart. I think he should get a follow-up beyond the VA series because his character is much more deep and complex than we really think.
  • Action. There was so much action and fighting going on. I loved it. Some books I will say there was less action than I would have liked, mostly talking and planning. But when the fight scenes did come around you never knew what was going to happen. Rose and Dimitri (as Strigoi) fighting, man those scenes were so intense and heart-wretching </3
  •  Suspense. I say this specifically because of the final book, Last Sacrifice. Aw man, there was so much suspense and last minute details that just left you in shock. I love when books take you on a spin like that. 
  • Recaps. The author always summarized things from previous books. Usually I find this helpful but she did it so frequently that I found it annoying. My memory isn't that bad that I don't remember the big things, if anything it's just the small details that would escape me.
  • Adrian. Yes I realize he's under "likes" up there but I don't know exactly how I feel about his departure in Last Sacrifice. It left me sad. I wish Rose would have just told him person that she was done with him instead of getting caught in the act with Dimitri. He did a lot for her. I know where Rose is coming from, he using her as a crutch, but I just wanted to help him.
  • Dimitri. His entire struggle with not forgiving himself and pushing Rose away. UGH. And while I'm at it I'll just add Rose under that because she was so annoying. She could never figure out her feelings entirely for Adrian and kept pushing her feelings for Dimitri aside. Get it together. 
  • Rose. Ok, I'll just do a separate bullet for her. For someone who is such a skilled dhampir I'm surprised that a lot of things that did occur to her she didn't notice. Sometimes when she would get hurt, I felt as though she should have been way more hurt than she turned out to be. She's not superwoman. Also, she got away with everything too conveniently at times. 
  • Lissa. Well, it wasn't till the end that I finally saw Lissa stand up for herself and become her own person. She finally had to do things on her own and proved that she wasn't so helpless. Thank you, that's all I wanted.
  • Shadow-kissed. Rose and Lissa losing that shadow-kissed ability I liked and didn't like. I mean that's what made them and the entire book, the fact that they were like this was what made the story unique and different. I didn't entirely swallow the story that because Rose's body fought for survival, she was able to lose that bond. I don't know, this last detail left me feeling ehhh. 
And that is it! Even though it might seem like there a lot more dislikes than likes up there, I have to say that overall I would give this series a 4.5 stars! It was amazing, it brought me tears, laughs, there were up's and down's but I loved every single moment of it! The last book was a great way to wrap things up, I think the loose endings that the author left were intentional. That means I will be delving into the Bloodlines series very soon ;)

Let me know what you thought of the VA Series. Who were your favorite characters? Scenes? Better question, Adrian or Dimitri? Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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