The Sweet Trilogy Review

Saturday, November 22, 2014

I haven't been that great at writing reviews on books every time I finish them on here, mostly with books that are parts of a trilogy. I find that once I finish the first or second book in a series I crave whatever comes next and don't want to write something lengthy for a series that I will soon finish, especially when I'll be finding out what comes next. I have to get better at this but for now I'll be discussing my thoughts on The Sweet Trilogy by Wendy Higgins. I just finished the last book, Sweet Reckoning, and while I was waiting for it to finally pick up and end on an epic high note, I got the opposite. I won't be spoiling anything in this review just writing my overall feelings between characters and how the plot line was spaced out or described, which I feel are most important when connecting to a book.

I picked up the first book in the trilogy, Sweet Evil, back in August because I had seen a couple of BookTubers discuss their love for the book. I love reading paranormal so I was excited to start something new and fangirl over the characters, but upon finishing the book I didn't really get that. I will say that I enjoyed the interesting back story between the Nephilim and Demons and how they Biblical tied in, so that was what kept me reading. I didn't get any "deep" connection between Anna and Kaidan in Sweet Evil, especially since all they did was take a long road trip having just barely met each other. The fact that Anna's adoptive mother, Patti, allowed this was just so strange to me. You also get introduced to Kopano in this book, whom instantaneously starts developing feelings for Anna. It felt as though the author was just throwing things out there and piecing them together on flimsy emotions. I actually did write a review for this book alone on my blog so if you want to check that out, click here!

I managed to finally get the second book, Sweet Peril, last week and I went into it with an open mind, hoping to warm up more to the characters. Even though I did give it a higher rating than the first book on Goodreads, I didn't get anything special. There was more of a believable relationship between Anna and Kaidan in this book, and I was glad for that because it moved from an instalove situation to real love between both characters. So, it gave the book more of a purpose for me than before. Readers learn more about Kaidan and his hardships, and he definitely gets more character development. Reading the small synopsis on this book from Goodreads I thought Anna was going down some deep hole of partying and drinking, all for the sake of her appearance with the demons but it wasn't like that at all. You get one scene of Anna getting "out of control" and then she recovers from it easily (a pattern that you see time and time again).

And finally I finished the last book in the trilogy, Sweet Reckoning, tonight. I wanted the series to go out with a BANG! and it didn't feel like that all. I was hoping for non-stop action now that things were being unraveled but even though the characters were traveling a lot (which seemed a bit unlikely at times), it was just that most of the time- traveling. Every time that Anna might have gotten into some sort of predicament she quickly got herself out of it; and not by her doing but usually by her friends or her father. I wish Wendy Higgins had made Anna more of a warrior since she was the figure of salvation for this "war," but even in the very end all you get is Anna holding a flaming sword while others doing the fighting for her. Things that all along kept being repeated as impossible were all of a sudden giving an easy resolution, i.e. Anna and Kaidan (if you've read the books you know what I'm talking about). I did like the epilogue at the end though and how everything came to an end.

I would give this trilogy as a whole 3 stars; it is an easy to read Paranormal Young Adult with some really cute scenes, but overall it was just cute. I don't feel as though it had any real depth to it, I could have done away with the Shakespeare, Mary Shelley, etc. quotes that were inserted in-between chapters. You get a lot of talk, some action, but nothing really groundbreaking. Let me know if you've read this series and what your thoughts on it were! 

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