City of Bones Review

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Ok, I'm probably the very last person to read this Young Adult book. Although, I did watch the movie before picking up City of Bones, I'm not sure what to think; well, I can relate with the way I felt when I finished watching the film: weird. I'm into really sudden twists and suspense but I think the later-half of the book was a big turn-off for me, one that is making me skeptical about picking up the second book in the series (City of Ashes). I don't know! Am I alone in this?! Everyone that has read it or that I am friends with on Goodreads has rated City of Bones 4 or 5 stars. I just didn't feel the same way.

I won't go into what the premise of this book is about because honestly you've either heard about The Mortal Instruments series or have probably seen the movie adaptation. I mean if you really want a quick synopsis then all I can tell you is that the plotline revolves around a young teenage girl named Clary Fray who loses her mom, the last she heard of her through a phone call where she warns Clary to stay away from the house. Coming home to find her house in ruins, she simultaneously comes into contact with an other-worldly beast that is both hideous and dangerous. Not knowing it yet, Clary is about to enter the Shadowhunter world where demons, angels and sorcery exist- a world that Clary is more connected with than the "mundane," Earthly world she's known all her life. From there, you just get sucked right into this other paranormal/fantasy world that is full of action and shocking turns.

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead, if you have not read the book do not read on!

  •  I thought the world-building was pretty good! I didn't feel suffocated or overwhelmed with a ton of details that could have gone right over my head or stopped me from connecting with the characters. I thought certain aspects of the Shadowhunter world were introduced at adequate times, and at a good pacing so readers were not in the dark and could get a good grasp of how every thing is sort of run with the demons and angels. 
  • Luke. I mean I don't know, I got a huge soft spot for him especially towards the end. I knew that his cold demeanor towards Clary couldn't have been real. And he's a werewolf with a bit of an unrequited love happening I'm sensing. Back back to werewolf. Yes. 
  • Clary is a very outspoken and independent main protagonist. She was quick with her wording and comebacks and let every one know when she had a question or if something felt off.
  • Alec. I know his character was a bit rude and mean towards Clary but I think he has good intentions and honest feelings towards Jace, and the fact that he is gay is good to have in a Young Adult book! 
  • The weird hint or suspicion that lingered at the end of the book of incest with Clary and Jace. I mean really, did that not creep anyone else out?! Incest is a really big deal for me, especially because they're both two good characters that I was beginning to like and for that to happen or for them to think that that is happening. UGH. I don't know, seems like a really unnecessary "plot twist." Just let the kids be or at least reveal the truth early on because honestly the fact that this piece of information could be true and both Clary and Jace still not being able to maintain their hands or lips to themselves is so wrong. I just can't with incest. This honestly was a big book turn-off and I unfortunately could not help myself in Googling if it was really true that Clary and Jace were siblings. I never do that kind of stuff but it's going to be a while until I can get my hands on Book 2 and 3 of the series so I had to know. I HAD TO.
  • This isn't a big negative because every book needs a villain, but man Valentine is just one huge sicko. He is really all kinds of crazy because even though I don't know the details surrounding the "incest" situation with Clary and Jace, for him to even go about making that happen or make believe that is true is so wrong. It's your daughter, lay off! And keeping your wife captive under some sleep? Wrong. 
  • I mentioned this in my Goodreads review but I wanted to further explain it a bit on here. As I was reading the book I felt as though I wasn't really getting a lot of information. Sure, there was a build-up leading to what happened at the end, but for example the scene with Simon getting turned into a mouse I thought wasn't super necessary and just seemed like something for Cassandra Clare to add as an "extra." I felt as though obtaining the cup was very important because that's the way Clary could possibly form a deal with Valentine to obtain her mom, but so much importance was placed on that cup then finding out more about her mother or her location or anything else about the world. I'm not sure if that even makes sense, but it just seemed as though it was a lot of reading and words for something that turned out to be a bit more simple.
Those were pretty much my thoughts on the first installment of The Mortal Instruments series. The big thing for me though was bullet number one under negatives, even when I think back to it I shudder a little bit. I've seen mixed reviews on City of Ashes, so I'm not sure if I should continue?... Who am I kidding? I am going to continue but will be very skeptical about getting into it with any expectations. If you've read City of Bones or have any thoughts on this series, let me know!

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