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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

i saw this post over on Alphabeth and thought i would follow suit. i know i posted monday thoughts earlier this week, but this post seemed perfect for a collective reflection on what's been going on recently. life is so tumultuous and you never know what's around the corner, so let's freeze a fragment of time through these quick notes:

Reading: i'm currently reading In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl's Journey to Freedom by Yeonmi Park. it is such a powerful read with a rich historical overview. i'm simultaneously learning and being inspired.

Watching: Attack on Titan on Netflix. i've heard really good things about this anime so i thought why not? i wanted to watch something that was outside my norm and this has been just that. it's action-packed and extremely intense! 

Buying: this past weekend i was on the hunt for a new winter jacket i could use for my upcoming trip to New York. i thought i found one but it turned out to be too big, so unfortunately i had to return it. but on Monday i managed to find one, and at a reasonable price, so i'm good to go! although the temperatures have been pretty odd on the east coast...

Listening: the theory of everything soundtrack and the new Coldplay album.

Feeling: a bit stressed about the amount of work i have to do. i'm a bit hard on myself and always want my final drafts of projects to be perfect. also feeling a bit sad because i got into a minor fender bender last week and i still haven't had the chance to take my car into the shop :( 

Planning: to go to New York next week! i'm so excited to see my best friend and revisit the city!

Wishing: for some cold, preferably in the 40s/50s. i know this is weird because others are suffering of the cold and would rather be in sunny Florida, but i want to feel a change of season and some cold, crisp afternoons!

Enjoying: conversations with my dad. 

Eating: i just had some really good pasta my dad made and a sneaky stash of Justin's peanut butter cups i have in the fridge.

Hoping: to end this week on a good note! 

Thinking: how much i'm going to have to spend on my car and how i can't wait for next week to get here already- eek!

Lacking: time, sleep, exercise  

Trying: to prioritize my time and give a bit more of myself to this blog and posting. it's hard especially after coming home after a long day of work. all i want to do is eat and sleep!

Drinking: my usual cup of coffee in the morning and lots of water. 

Wanting: harmony and stability in the upcoming year. 

Cooking: i've gotten back into baking this past couple of months. i made some really good pumpkin bread in November as well as some pecan pumpkin muffins (lot's of pumpkin goodies)!

Deciding: what to do after i finish this post. keep fixing my blog up, put on my pjs or instantly delve into my book? decisions, decisions...

Wearing: running shorts (even though i have no plans to run today and have not been running for a couple weeks now, shame on me, but mostly the sun for setting so early) and a black t-shirt 

Needing: more TIME and energy! 

what about you? what's been going on?

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