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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Woah, what a whirlwind. I just finished the last book in Tahereh Mafi's Shatter Me trilogy (Ignite Me) and now I don't know what to do! It was nothing that I was expecting, honestly, but everything that I dreamed of for the final installment! It's sad to see this trilogy end but I'm so happy with how everything was written- I mean hello, I'm never not satisfied with Tahereh Mafi's writing- and how all the characters progressed- especially Juliette. So, with that being said I think this entire post for Ignite Me will be full of spoilers unfortunately. I just have too many feelings right now that I need to get off my chest and talk about. If you have not read the book, or any previous ones, then do not continue reading and just go to your nearest library or bookstore and get crackin' on this trilogy.

First off, Warner. I mean come on?! That whole situation with him and Juliette completely caught me off guard. I was totally blown away that maybe in the first ~50 pages or so, it was goodbye Adam, hello Warner (or should I say Aaron?). I could not wrap my head around it until I started thinking that maybe this all did make sense and that instead of focusing on that "fangirl," love at first sight sort of romance that always springs up in YA books, Juliette's romantic focus away from Adam...made sense. Juliette has constantly been portrayed as this weak, debilitating character that cringes away from taking any action or making any decisions, so for her to actually start speaking up and questioning her feelings was a lot for me to take in quite so suddenly. But I completely applaud her for doing that and for Tahereh Mafi taking the time to insert the scene with Juliette and Kenji talking on the roof about how much she's changed and developed since we first met her. Because it's true, people always change, and it's that change that sometimes prompts relationships to break and crumble, because sometimes it's the change in a person we once thought we knew so well that causes us to take a step back and realize, "Do I love you for who you are, or the person you were?" Looking back, it may seem as though a lot of this book was centered on Juliette realizing who she truly is and what she wants, instead of all the action and strategically planning to take down The Reestablishment, but that has been the focus of these books.

Growing with Juliette has been frustrating at times because I'm pretty sure in Unravel Me I was fed up with her not taking charge and whining, but with this turn around in Ignite Me it was all "finally!" moments for me. Another change that is still keeping me dumbfounded is Adam's. I mean I did not see that happening whatsoever- I had "oh, no he didn't" moments when it came down to him. All the things he said and did were hurtful, but I was surprised that Juliette spent no time frantically crying about it or punishing herself for it. There were moments that I felt exactly like Kenji, just looking at her and asking, "Really? That's how you feel now?" I guess in that situation I'm still a little hesitant about because the change and the lack of emotion or dealing with someone you thought was the love of your life was just not there.

But let's not forget that with the lack of Adam, we get the presence of Warner in almost every single page or scene. Yeah, I for one was so fed up with Juliette and Warner in Unravel Me, with their little "love scene." I mean, I still did not get Juliette falling for the "psycho" that everyone always refers to him as. But boy, did I change my mind. I couldn't get enough of Warner, and when he wasn't in the book I felt like Juliette- a little lost, and a little upset. Warner is one of those characters that Tahereh Mafi introduced since the beginning, with such a ruthless demeanor, and kept sticking in that at times I was thought "stalker..." but not in Ignite Me. Oh no, everything that Warner is changes in this book and I highly enjoyed all those explanations and smirks that were given on his part. I loved how Warner developed into such a more complex character than I originally thought. I guess tortured souls have a way of getting to you?

I gave Ignite Me a 5/5 on Goodreads, and although some parts I'm still a little skeptical about (like the ending) I thought it was a really awesome finale to this trilogy. I'm sad to see the characters go, and more importantly Tahereh Mafi's writing. Gah, I want to write beautiful sentences like her. They get to me everytime, love you girl. Let me know your thoughts on the end to the Shatter Me trilogy and if you're heart-broken about not getting more Warner too! ;)

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