The Eternity Cure Review

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

 I'm back with the second novel, The Eternity Cure, in Julie Kagawa's trilogy Blood of Eden. I absolutely loved this book, it jumped right back from where The Immortal Rules ended off and gave so much more than expected. Like I mentioned in my Goodreads review, the second books in series' are usually somewhat of a letdown- either they don't give enough or focus too much on one thing and get slow. But The Eternity Cure answered the majority of things I was left questioning in the first book and gave so much more character/world development!

If you don't know what the Blood of Eden trilogy is about then let me introduce you. This is a paranormal, dystopian series where Earth has been ravaged by the Red Lung virus. Humans began getting deadly sick and dying off, with this sickness, vampires came out of the shadows seeing that their food population was dwindling fast. Because of this scientists teamed together to try and find a cure, unfortunately vampires became part of the equation with discovering a cure, and the use of their blood in experiments caused rabids to be created. Rabids became humans who were affected by the virus but instead of outwardly dying human, they came back as disturbing monsters with white pale skin, glassy eyes and a thirst for anything that was alive and beating. They will stop at nothing to get to their prey, and this deadly persistence is seen time and time again throughout the books. Since the height of rabidism, vampires took it upon themselves to establish themselves as a prime species. The world since then can be described as being composed of vampires, humans and rabids.

The main protagonist and narrator of the story is Allison Sekemoto, a human turned vampire who has a lot of spunk and a great sense of independence about her. The rest is up to you as you follow Allison on her journey as first a human and then a vampire, trying to figure everything out and how she will survive as a newly "prime" being. And believe me if you caught up in the whole back story of what the world has become and how vampires got introduced, then you will definitely want to keep reading! There are so questions to be asked, adventures to follow Allison on and characters to meet.

What I enjoy about this series is that it's not the typical vampire/human story, or some sort of Twilight- which a lot of vampire books touch upon nowadays. Sure, there's romance in this series but there's even more than that. Allison's walks through long stretches of solitary road, her persistence in being more than a mere vampire and the complex, but messed up world that surrounds her is described amazingly well. There are scenes of gore and violence and terror, especially in The Eternity Cure. But when you get the chills and still keep reading, that's when you know it's good!

I don't want to give anything away or write down any spoilers for this book because I thought everything was tied up really well. The surprises presented were unexpected but still action-packed. If they were predictable, I wasn't even paying attention because I was so immersed in what the next page would bring. I have a guess as what's going on with Zeke in the last book, and if it encompasses anything of what I have in mind then I can't wait to see how Allison is going to act!

I gave The Eternity Cure a 5/5 on Goodreads and can't wait to see what The Forever Song (the last book in the trilogy) brings- hopefully it will not disappoint. If you've read any of the books above or are going to read them, let me know!

*Also, did anyone enjoy Jackal as much as I did in The Eternity Cure?!


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