a little update

Saturday, June 18, 2016

i have no idea how long it's been. i don't really want to check either. mainly because i know i've neglected this little part of me, but i dont want to beat myself up over it. life happens!

instead, i want to go over a couple of recent highlights that stand out in my mind:

- i hit 1 year of working at my current job in May // how did that even happen? graduation feels like it was just yesterday, but i guess that's what happens when post-college life! 

- ran my first ever 5k // while i was really looking forward to it, my time wasn't all that great (~34 minutes) i think this was mainly due to the run being a pretty big one. there were so many people participating, i felt closed in and lost my pacing

- picked up longboarding // i went to California in April, i believe, and tried surfing for the first time. it was amazing. i'm so bummed that Florida doesn't get the waves Cali does or else i would be getting my butt kicked in the water with a board! so, when i got back home i thought what else can i do in the meantime that is a bit like surfing? long/skateboarding seemed good to me- and so far i'm loving it!

- i lost my phone while on a trip // now, how is this a highlight you might ask? actually, it really isn't. it was a huge bummer and dampened my trip. i ended up calling it an early night. but, it made me realize that you don't need to have your phone out at all times waiting to capture a moment. let things be. 

- i've been attending church regularly // this is pretty personal to me, but it's been a huge factor in my life. i'm still trying to get the "hang" of it- attending on a weekly basis- but i find great comfort in it. 

- reading was put on the backburner // i kind of went on hiatus with reading. i caught myself buying books that were stacking up on my bookshelf. with no room to put them, i made myself a promise to not buy anymore books until i finished what i had. so far, it's been going good, but i've been uninspired to pick up anything. recently though, that changed. last book i read was The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson which was a great summer novel!

- Venezuela made it pretty far in the Copa America // Venezuela is not known for it's amazing soccer skills but this year we have been doing pretty well. i am super impressed! unfortunately, this came to an end tonight against Argentina (4-1), but we put up a good fight and that's the best you can do. 

and that's that! i was also contemplating adopting a cat because i fell in love with my cousin's barn cat, but that idea was quickly shot down. 

i've been doing more thinking about my future lately and trying to feel things out, but i think that's more of an ongoing discussion we all have with ourselves, right? 

i might come back and post pictures- if my phone decides to work (it completely shut down on me this morning and won't turn on). 

i hope whoever is reading this is having a happy Saturday. i encourage you to jot down some of your own 'highlights' and share them with me :) 

xo Alex 

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