bye 2015, cheers to the new year

Friday, January 01, 2016

2015 was one interesting year. so many things happened- both big and small. this past year i really honed in on my likes, dislikes, people i want to surround myself with, outlook for the future, values, and daily affirmations for positivity and motivation.

i want to do good and be good, not only to those around me, but to myself.

in 2015, i went on so many fun adventures with my friends, started consistently running, read a lot, graduated university, moved back home, bought my first car, landed my very first "big girl" job, began to travel, and made myself a firm promise to keep up with this blog and writing.

oh, and i turned 24. that sounds so old, but in reality, i have so many things left to do in this lifetime.

here are a couple pictures in 2015 that brought a smile to my face:

Savannah, Georgia roadtrip

A quaint bookstore in my old college town with very affordable prices
An engraving I spied on my university's campus while I was taking graduation pictures
1 out of 3 Disney parks my friend and I conquered in one day- these fireworks concluded the trip
NYC with my best friend for the second year in a row 
A hazy moment of cheers caught during Valentine's Day (Galentine's Day) with some girlfriends
 Very peaceful Minnesota lake that I unfortunately did not have the chance to run around- still beautiful, though
My aunt's wedding where I snapped their first dance
there were so many pictures i had in my album that i could not fit on here. so, these are merely a few. i hope that in 2016 i can become more photo savy and get a better camera.

i'm really thankful for having the opportunity to do all the things i was able to do in 2015 and especially for being able to graduate. school had its up's and down's but looking back it all worked out in the long run.

what were some of your favorite moments this past year?

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