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Friday, August 22, 2014


Hello again! I have again been in hiding from here as I've been moving into my new apartment and getting reacquainted with college life. I can't believe how fast time flew by from the time I first began this blog. On Monday I will have officially started my senior year, and I can't quite tell if I'm excited to hurry up and get this whole graduating thing going or if the anxiousness and fear of what's supposed to come is keeping me at bay to slow things down and enjoy it a bit more. Currently, I'm leaning more towards completing everything and starting with another stage of my life!

But besides all that young adult drama, I have finished another book that fits, coincidentally, in a very appropriate genre- New Adult. I didn't plan that one out, I just sort of searched something that was on my to-read list off of Goodreads and hoped it would come out on my library's search engine as an ebook. And sure enough Losing It by Cora Cormack did. If you're still lost on the New Adult aspect like I was then let me clarify. This genre centers on the gap between Young Adult and Adult fiction, dealing with I want to say 20-year-olds would be going through- such as graduating university, finding jobs, moving away from home, going through friendships and dealing with those various or one-time relationships that get to you when you're just trying to figure things out. And that's pretty much all Losing It deals with.

The main protagonist, Bliss, is entering her senior year of college when she breaks the news to her best friend that she is indeed still a 23-year-old virgin. Of course, her friend is contrasted against her personality and described as being more of a firecracker, fearless and persuasive enough to drag her out for an "end-all-be-all" night where Bliss will scout out the future candidate to drag her out of virgin territory. The night starts out with shots for liquid courage and a cute bartender that seems like a possibility, but is overwhelmingly trumped by a British guy sitting in the corner reading Shakespeare. Hmmm...already seems kind of one in a million to me; as much as I want to give guys the benefit of the doubt, bars aren't really the first place of solace to read that would come to mind when killing a couple hours. But from there on, Garrick is introduced and his life becomes intermingled with Bliss' in a way she never would have anticipated. I really can't say what that is because that's the whole point of picking this book up, but if you're really dying to know then I would suggest to go buy it or check it out!

I gave Losing It 3 stars on Goodreads. I thought the pace of the book was super simple, and fast-paced where I read it in a just a couple of hours. Like I said in my Goodreads review there were a lot of things that occurred in the book that resonated with my life right now- such as graduating! But many things that were introduced or dealt with I just didn't like, I thought they could have been described and explained more thoroughly to make you better connect with the characters. As well as that, the whole struggle with Bliss and Garrick towards the end of the book was something I was a bit frustrated by. I know I'm only 23 and still in a very young state of mind but I'm not sure if the conflicts the characters were presented with and how they dealt with them would still be in some way how my group of friends and I would react to them. I want to say we would be a bit more mature and "logical" about it, but then I feel as though I'm coming across as egotistical and in over my head. Either way, that's how I felt!

I didn't think this book was spectacularly written and I didn't get a special dose of the "feels," maybe in a couple scenes here and there (and it's not what you're all thinking!). But it was a nice distraction for a stand alone and I did notice that this is part of a trilogy where you're introduced to new characters in every book that are intermingled with old ones- sort of like Stephanie Perkins with Anna and the French Kiss, etc. So, I do still want to read the rest! Let me know if you've read this book and what you thought of it, I'm interested in seeing what others thought!

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